Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wayne Rooney red card

On Thursday (12/8) next, at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, Discipline Commission UEFA will hold a hearing or court of appeal suspended Wayne Rooney. As is known, following the red card he received in the match versus Montenegro, Rooney was given the ban appeared in three games. Therefore, automatic Rooney threatened absent in three group stage matches at Euro 2012 finals which will take place in Poland, Ukraine, June-July next.

For that, the English Football Association (FA) filed an appeal in hopes of Rooney's suspension reduced to two games. If the appeal is successful, then the Manchester United striker can be played on the third party qualifying Group D match against host Ukraine in Donbass Arena in Donetsk, June 19, 2012.

Well, since the beginning, is Fabio Capello, who gets the sap due to the suspension. Capello should be able to mix the composition of the front line minus Rooney. Capello also hoped the suspension can be reduced. That is why, together with Managing Director of the FA, Adrian Bevington, Capello confirmed to be present to accompany Rooney in such hearings.

Initially, Capello insisted Rooney will still carry whatever the outcome of the appeal process. However, later, Capello's attitude changed. That is, the former coach of Real Madrid and Juventus is going to reconsider its decision if the appeal process Rooney failed. Capello was in a dilemma. Capello also must weigh the mental factors Rooney if the appeal is rejected.

On the other hand, the stronghold of the Three Lions hope UEFA will consider commercial factors behind the absence of Rooney. If word got out the two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, penalties hoping Rooney can be commuted. If sanctions Rooney remained as before, organizers worried costume sales so sluggish.

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