Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trapped Under Tevez Influence

Coach of Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Redknapp, insists he will not think twice if you get the chance to recruit Carlos Tevez from Manchester City.

Tevez likely to leave the Etihad Stadium in the January transfer window after a dispute with coach Roberto Mancini some time ago. Tevez then mentioned will be docked at AC Milan.

"I like Tevez. He's a fantastic player. Perhaps it is difficult to materialize. However, I'm lying if I said do not want him," said Redknapp told TalkSport.

On that occasion, Redknapp also admitted satisfied with the current composition of his team after a successful entrenched in third Premier League standings. Therefore, Redknapp admitted to not having a plan to buy players on the second transfer window later.

"I think we'll keep what we have. I might be a headache if you bring a player because I have upholstery in many positions," Redknapp said.

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