Monday, December 12, 2011

New Arsenal Legend : Robin Van Persie

Robin Van Persie glory with Arsenal this season continues to reap praise. This time, the praise came from his teammate, Theo Walcott.

Dutch players this season a success for his club Arsenal incised record with 33 goals from 32 to present the game during 2011.

Related to that, was a barrage of praise came over him. This time the praise comes from Walcott. He asserted that if Van Persie could continue to be consistent, then he would become one of Arsenal legend.

"Little he got the space, then he would have scored. Many amazing things from Van Persie. He has scored a lot of fantastic, "he said as reported by Goal.

"By playing Van Persie, of course he's going to be one of Arsenal legend. I was surprised he could develop this far, "he continued.

"He is a player who is very bright. Goals that he created a very spectacular and is a world-class goal. "

"He might be able to say that sometimes she look good and sometimes bad. But this is what makes it different. Give him a chance and he will score goals, as fans often say, "he said.

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