Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Club To Win Champions League

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are favorites to win the Champions League this season.

However, the Frenchman did not shrink the chances of his team. He believes the Gunners are still likely to become European champions this season.

Arsenal have certainly qualified for the fall phase, and in the final round of group matches, they will face Olympiakos.

"For now, I can say there are two most favorite clubs in European competition, namely Barcelona and Real Madrid," said Wenger on the club's official website.

"Behind them, each team is hoping to become a champion. We will strive to win."

"Right now we are not one of the favorites. But, the advantage we have become group winners."

"The Champions League was different once you get into the last 16, so competition is very open. You need a little luck in the draw. And, you need players who are fit for the next two games."

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