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Valentine's Day Cartoon in Soccer field

Valentine's Day Cartoon in Soccer field
In green soccer arena, beautiful grass in left and right, a boy and a girl celebrate Valentine's Day.
Pretty Valentine's day cartoon to see. Ahihihihihi....hihihhihihi

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Arsene Wenger Quotes

Arsene Wenger Quotes

I think in the future we need to look at our youth department to provide more players for the first team think it is important for a club to have a good amount of players that have roots with the club and region.

"When I first came to Arsenal, I realised the back four were all university graduates in the art of defending. As for Tony Adams, I consider him to be a doctor of defence. He is simply outstanding."

Arsene Wenger Quotes Today after Arsenal won 7-1 from Blackburn
"I do not give much importance to the seven goals, it is just we won and played well,'' said the Arsenal manager.

"I felt that recently we had quite good performances but did not get the results. Today we got the performance and the result, which is ideally what you want.''

"We remained serious and were guided by the way we want to play football and not by any extravagant individualism. We were mature and serious, we played together until the end.''

"Chamberlain has made a big step in the last months. He produces team play, he is not only going forwards, he is contributing to the defending and has improved very quickly. He is a fighter as well, with personality, and is much more mature now.''

"I haven't looked at it, maybe the maximum possibility we have is two more weeks. Normally no [he would not be here for the Tottenham game],''

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Plastic Animal Football Toys

Small lightweight toys including stuffed toys, plastic animals, plush dolls and toy cars. Include deflated sports balls -- especially soccer balls.
 All types of crafts. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much more!
A creative initiative to put plastic litter to artistic and other uses ... which spans about five soccer fields, is converted into a recreational area made from waste. There are wild animals, dolls, rocket, canopy, flower garden.
A clothes peg might be turned into a doll, and a lump of wood become a toy boat. ... for skipping, and rags stuffed with sawdust might become a ball or an animal to cuddle.

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Jurgen Klinsmann Cartoon Picture

Jurgen Klinsmann Cartoon Picture
Comments :

is pretty normal

de Sousa
I do it like a boss


Easy, just press ctrl-z

Edward Dls
This made me laugh so hard!

I see what u did there

Phyro Lee
no wonder i was created

If you can do better then do it

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

1982 FIFA World Cup Goal Review

1982 FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup which is the 12th, held in Spain starting from June 13 until July 11. Spain was chosen as hosts by FIFA FIFA in July 1966. Italy won the World Cup, who beat West Germany by a score of 3-1 in the final. With her ​​third title (after 1934, 1938), Italy offset Brazil as the most successful national team in FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup was marked by the series - the series interesting and exciting games, both after the 1970 FIFA World Cup, which is legendary. This is also the first time increasing the number of teams to 24 teams, after the previous 16 teams in the tournament - the previous tournament.
Jaeleesa Skye
The most striking absence from the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup 1974 and 1978 are the runners-up Holland (invalidated by Belgium and France, a strong team of North America Mexico (aborted El Salvador), and to a level more or less teams, World Cup participants FIFA 1974 and 1978, Sweden (aborted by the Scotland and Northern Ireland). England, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, and the Soviet Union has returned to the finals after missing for 3 tournaments or 12 years. Yugoslavia is also back after missing the tournament in 1978. Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand, all of them have participated in the finals for the first time.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Spain Football 1992-1994 History

Weather for St. Louis, MO, USA
Light Snow
Wind: W at 27 km/h
Humidity: 80%
-3°C / °F

In 1992, Javier Clemente was appointed as Spain's coach, and the qualification for the 1994 World Cup was achieved with eight wins and one loss in twelve matches. In the final tournament Spain were in Group C in which they drew with Korea Republic 2–2 and 1–1 with Germany, before qualifying for the second round with a 3–1 victory over Bolivia. Spain continued through the second round with a 3–0 victory over Switzerland, but their tournament ended with a 2–1 defeat to Italy in the quarter-finals.

For Euro 96, Spain qualified from a group consisting of Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Republic of Macedonia, and Armenia. In the final game, Spain faced group matches against Bulgaria, France and Romania. With 1–1 draws against the first two opponents, and a 2–1 win over Romania, Spain confirmed their place in the quarter-finals, with a match with hosts England, which finished goalless and Spain eventually fell 4–2 in the shootout.

Clemente led his team in World Cup USA 1994, undefeated through their qualifying group in which Yugoslavia and Czech Republic were the other contenders. Spain qualified with fourteen other European sides in the first ever thirty-two team World Cup, but were eliminated in the first round with four points after losing to Nigeria, drawing with Paraguay, and winning just a game, versus Bulgaria, Stoichkov's country.

In 1900 Liverpool won the Division One

One of the most successful clubs in Great Britain. Founded in 1892 due to John Holding feud with Everton FC, ​​Liverpool incarnates a serious force in English football competition. The club was given the name of Everton FC and Athletic Grounds, Ltd.., Or Everton Athletic summarized, but the FA refused to recognize the two teams named Everton. Houlding was eventually chose the name Liverpool FC.

It did not take long for Liverpool to taste the title in the league. In 1900/01, Liverpool won the Division One and repeat it again five years later. FA Cup Final first performed in 1914, although they defeated Burnley 1-0. Liverpool had struggled to come before Bill Shankly as manager in 1959. Shankly to fix the team on a large scale and using a room called The Boot Room to hold a coaches meeting.

Liverpool triumph continued with Shankly Bob Paisley, who among others successfully brought the Reds drew first European trophy. In 1972/73, Liverpool won the UEFA Cup and Champions Cup following the next four years. Liverpool's golden period began. Unfortunately, it's a little golden record tarnished by incidents of Heysel and Hillsborough in the 1980s. Both of these horrific incidents claimed the lives of soccer spectators and is still remembered to this day. The last time Liverpool won the 1989/90 season and the league is already too long they wait to taste the first success in the Premier League era. The arrival of new manager Roy Hodgson is expected to repeat the brilliant achievement.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The History Of Penalty On Football

Penalties, or more appropriately called penalties, is a way which is now often used to determine the winner in the football match should end with a victory / defeat (not series). On penalties after the match lasted 90 minutes and followed by 2 times 15 minutes of extra time but the state still draws. Usually occurs when a knockout. Although its implementation is similar, penalties carried out following different rules from a penalty kick. The results of penalty shoot-out were not included in the calculation of score (so the situation remains the series), it is only used to determine the winner.
Jaeleesa Skye
It is said that the penalty shootout was first suggested by a referee from Penzberg, Bavaria, Germany named Karl Wald in 1970. At that time, if at all after extra-time series winner is determined by using a coin toss. Because they think this way is very hit and miss, he proposed penalties to the council president Bavarian football. The proposal was first rejected, but after the team lobbied by the proposer, the new proposal was accepted. Once forwarded to the German Football Association (DFB) and accepted, then these rules are immediately applied also in the UEFA and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Another claim says that the penalty shootout was first proposed in England and also in Israel.

Penalties was first performed in England in 1970 between Hull City and Manchester United in the Watney Cup (league cup in England) and won by Manchester United.

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Determination of major international championship which was first determined by a penalty shootout is in the final of the UEFA European Football Championship 1976, which is between Czechoslovakia against West Germany. Czechoslovakia won 5-3.

Three FIFA World Cup finals record must be completed with penalties: 1994 World Cup final at the Stadium "Rose Bowl" Pasadena, California, USA between Brazil and Italy (won by Brazil with 3-2); Princess 1999 World Cup finals in the same stadium between the U.S. team and China (the U.S. won with 5-4); and 2006 FIFA World Cup final at Berlin's Olympic Stadium, Germany, which was won by Italy to beat France 5-3 after a 1-1 draw state until extra-time ended.

Some leagues in the world ever use penalties to avoid the series. Sometime in the 1980s, the League of Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Norway, tried to penalties if the outcome of the game series, with the same format as the format J. Leagues below. Regulation is then removed. In the United States, Major League Soccer also uses penalties to avoid a draw. While in Asia, Japan by J. League also uses a penalty shootout if the game series can not be solved by an extension of time to format the acquisition value of 3 points for a victory in normal time, 2 points to win in extra time, 1 point for a victory in a penalty shootout, and 0 points for losing.

The Classic Liverpool FC Days

One of the most successful clubs in Great Britain. Founded in 1892 due to the feud between the Committee of Everton FC by John Holding as Club President who is also the owner of Anfield stadium. As a result of that feud, Everton finally moved to Goodison Park stadium and John Holding made the stadium as the home of Liverpool FC Anfield until now. The club was given the name of Everton FC and Athletic Grounds, Ltd.., Or Everton Athletic summarized, but the FA refused to admit there are two teams named Everton. Finally in June 1892 John Houlding was eventually chose the name Liverpool FC. Liverpool incarnates serious force in English football competition.
Alishia Rawlings Bredeweg
In his first season, Liverpool won the Lancashire League before joining the Second Division League in season 1893/94. In his first season in Division II Premier League, Liverpool FC champion and instantly become eligible for promotion to the Premier League First Division (now Premier League). It did not take long for Liverpool to taste the title in the league, because in his first season in Division I this (season 1900/01), Liverpool won the Division One and repeat it again five years later. Successful Liverpool FC won the league two consecutive seasons of 1921/22 and 1922/23 seasons, but did not get the trophy again until the 1946/47 season when it won the league title to 5. FA Cup Final first performed in 1914, although eventually they defeated Burnley 1-0. After wading Division I for more than 50 years, finally Liverpool FC deterioration and relegated to the Second Division in season 1953/54.

Liverpool had struggled before finally coming Bill Shankly as manager in December 1959. Shankly overhaul the team on a large scale by releasing 24 players long and use a room at Anfield stadium to hold a coaching meeting. This room is on call 'The Boot Room' which successfully gave birth to legendary Liverpool managers in the future. In this room that Bill Shankly and members 'Boot Room' such as Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Reuben Bennett began to build the strength of Liverpool FC are the envy of the enemy team. The result of renovations carried out by Bill Shankly coming to fruition when the successful promotion to Division I in the 1961/62 season and became the champions league in 1963/64 season. After winning the first FA Cup in 1965 and won the League in the 1965/66 season, Bill Shankly managed to dedicate League title and UEFA Cup in 1972/73 season. Bill Shankly managed next season offered FA Cup title after slaying Newcastle United 3-0. No one thought that the title of the FA Cup was the last offering of a Bill Shankly. Because all of a sudden Bill Shankly decided to retire. Players and Liverpool (the nickname for fans of Liverpool FC) trying to persuade, even the workers in Liverpool threatened to strike. But Bill Shankly remain in position and handed the managerial baton to his assistant Bob Paisley is. Bill Shankly finally retired in 1974 and joined the Liverpudlian in the stands of The Kop.

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Manchester City won 16 Times at Home

Manchester City appear very impressive this season. They also just keep the awesomeness of the cage when a 2-1 win over Bristol City in the League Cup, Tuesday (9/1/2018) or Wednesday morning GMT. These results make The Citizens have won 16 times at home in all competitions that they live in the 2017-2018 season.

This record equals the record that they engraved in the era of the 1920s alias nine decades ago. Although unbeaten before appearing in public alone, Man City have one flaw that was presented by a second caste team, Wolverhampton Wanderers. The reason, the rich team that thwart troops Pep Guardiola victory in Etihad Stadium.

Club nicknamed Wolves to be the only team that makes Man City failed to score a goal at home. Of the 11 home games that have lived Man City this season, only the match cons Wolverhampton ended goalless. The duel took place on 24 October 2017, when Man City entertained Wolves in the fourth round of the English League Cup. Although finally the Citizen won the game, Manchester Blue Wolves held in 120 minutes of action.

Wolves, who are a wealthy team in second caste English League, are in good standing. Now they are leading the Championship standings with 12 points advantage over second place. In the 2017-2018 season, they spent a total of 24 million euros (approximately Rp 385,387 billion) to bring in players.

Madrid Football Club

Spain's most successful club can be proud of this with various degrees ever achieved. Most winning the Spanish Primera Liga, Real Madrid's collection of nine titles in the Champions League clubs also have unmatched anywhere. If Madrid in the modern era synonymous with Los Galacticos, the capital of the Spanish club was established after the inspired intellectuals. Some professors and students from the UK to introduce Sky football and Football Club was established as a forerunner to the club in 1897. Three years later, the club split into Foot-Ball de Madrid and Club Español de Madrid. In 1902, the last club split again, and stand Madrid Football Club, who won the Copa del Rey 1905 and helped establish the Spanish football federation in 1909. It was only in 1920, using the name Real Madrid club which pinned King Alfonso XIII.
Jaeleesa Skye
In 1929, Madrid take Spanish football league started with nine other clubs. Until now, with Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, Los Blancos became the club never relegated from the Primera Liga. Madrid won the league title for the first time in the 1931/32 season. In this period, led by Madrid president Santiago Bernabeu Yeste, who rebuilt the stadium and the Ciudad Deportiva club after being damaged due to the Spanish Civil War. Early 1953, Bernabeu had the idea to use a world-class players from abroad. Attackers Argentina celebrated, Alfredo di Stefano, was imported. History also records the triumph of Madrid in the Champions Cup since it was first rolled out in 1956. Madrid being the best in Europe for five consecutive editions. Sixth title success achieved in 1966.

Triumph also occurred in the domestic arena. Madrid unbearable by winning the league eight times in the period of the 1960s. Madrid is able to maintain the tradition of winning the league in every decade until the 2007/08 season did last time. In the 1980s, with the quintet La Quinta del Buitre; namely Emilio Butragueno, Manuel Sanchis, Martin Vazquez, Michel, and Miguel Pardeza; Madrid five times in a row to win the league between 1986 and 1990. However, they have to wait long to resume glory in Europe. New in 1997/98, 32 years after the last title, Madrid's Champions League success add to the collection.

In the decade of the 2000s, the policy gathering star players, as he had done the Bernabeu, continued the president Florentino Perez. Pros and cons of birth, but Los Merengues still be known as the club's star players.

Inter Milan is truly one of the legendary clubs

Internazionale Milano, or commonly known as Inter Milan stands on March 9, 1908. This club is a fraction of AC Milan, who was nine years older.

The background of the founding of this club is the swelter of the dominance of local players at AC Milan. A group of Italians and Swiss were finally formed his own club which was then named Inter Milan.
Cali Kohlman
Since its inception, the club is open to all players from another country. The second year following the Serie A, Inter and Italy bermaterikan direct foreign players into champions.

Inter also had changed its name to Ambrosiana SS Milano during the era of fascism in Italy after joining the Milanese Unione Sportiva in 1928. Even a year later was elected club president Oreste Simonotti a U.S. patent for the name of Ambrosiana Inter in 1929.

Nevertheless Inter fans still call their favorite club with the same call as before and finally in 1931, the new president Ferdinando Inter Pozzani change it again to U.S. Ambrosiana-Inter. After the end of World War II, the name was removed and then replaced the earlier name, FC Internazionale Milano and maintained until today.

Nerazzurri crowning achievement occurred in the 2009/10 season when it won the treble (Serie A title, Coppa Italia and Champions League) under coach Jose Mourinho, who then move to Real Madrid.

Chelsea success achieved through a long road

Chelsea success achieved through a long road. Since its founding in 1905 in a pub called "The Rising Sun", the Blues just enjoying success as a club in the mid-1950s. Unmitigated, digaet first degree is a very prestigious league title. At that time, Chelsea manager Ted Drake handled.

Later, Chelsea have ups and downs. Revamping plan Stamford Bridge club actually makes financial condition threatened. Hooligan behavior actually exacerbates the atmosphere. In 1982, Chelsea was saved Ken Bates who bought the ownership of the club for £ 1 only.

The next successful period emerged. Not completely, but the era of ownership Bates opened the door for the period of Roman Abramovich to date. Under the handling Bates, Chelsea changed the face of the traditional club into a cosmopolitan club.

Chelsea did not hesitate to disburse funds to bring in a series of famous players. Glenn Hoddle, Dennis Wise, Ruud Gullit, Gianluca Vialli, or Roberto at Matteo, is a series of names that started the era of cosmopolitan Chelsea. Once purchased Abramovich, Chelsea's face was no longer the same. It may even very far from the shadow of its founders at The Rising Sun is more than a century ago.

Diego Alberto Milito Nickname

Full Name: Diego Alberto Milito
Nickname: El Principe, Diegol
Date of Birth: June 12, 1979
Height: 1.83 m
Playing position: Striker
Current club: Inter Milan
Back number: 22

1999-2004: Racing Club
2004-2005: Genoa
2005-2009: Real Zaragoza
2009 - present: Genoa, Inter Milan

2003 -: National Team Argentina

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bacca: AC Milan Trapped The Glory of the Past

Carlos Bacca commented on the inconsistent play of AC Milan this season. Players who are on loan to Villarreal this rate, the Rossoneri still fixated on the glory of the past. AC Milan is one of the world's giants. Various titles have been achieved this red-colored club costumes. Unfortunately, in recent seasons, AC Milan continues to fall. In fact, they last won the scudetto in the 2010 season Unfortunately, recruiting many players has not made AC Milan rise.
Cali Kohlman
They are still stuck in the 11th position in the meantime. Even AC Milan had to replace his coach before the half-season. Gennaro Gattuso replaces Vincenzo Montella who is considered a failure. But Gattuso was not able to improve the performance of AC Milan. Of the nine games, he gave four wins, two draws, and swallowed three defeats.

"I have not seen AC Milan find a solution in the last two years, they have changed coaches, players, and directors of Soccer, but have not succeeded," said Bacca as reported by Calciomercato. "Football continues to grow and Juventus and Napoli show their progress and AC Milan are too trapped in the past."

Guardiola Undead Aguero Leave The City Too Fast

Manchester City boss, Josep Guardiola, said that the club should be able to maintain Sergio Aguero for the long term. After seeing Aguero playing impressively and helping his team to a 4-1 win over Burnley in the FA Cup III round, Guardiola pressed how vital the 29-year-old's role at the club. Moreover, City will now lose Gabriel Jesus, who suffered an ACL injury and is expected to be absent for approximately two months.

 Aguero will be a vital figure in Guardiola's efforts to make up for his failure last season, after closing the 16/17 season without reaching any trophy. "If we want to win something this year, and next year, and know next, Aguero's presence is very fundamental," Guardiola said according to FFT.

"It's an honor for me to have Aguero in the team I lead." "He is the type of player who always wants to be lowered." "I can understand if sometimes he admits sadly if not played, I want him to continue to feel happy." Guardiola's comments seemed to deny previous rumors that he and Aguero had a chance to quarrel about the quota given to the Argentine players.

Alexis Sanchez Join Manchester City This Week

Alexis Sanchez is likely to leave Arsenal and join Manchester City in January 2018. Alexis is set to replace Gabriel Jesus.

City has been eyeing Alexis since last summer. At that time the Chilean man was almost joined to Etihad Stadium. Unfortunately Arsenal cancel the deal on the last day of the winter transfer market.

Despite failing last summer, City intends again to recruit Alexis this January. Manager Josep Guardiola glanced at Alexis again after Gabriel Jesus suffered an injury. Jesus had to pull over six weeks.
Jaeleesa Skye
With the injury of Jesus, Manchester City can practically only rely on Sergio Aguero on the front lines. Very risky only rely on Aguero because City is still playing in four competitions.

ESPN reports City's efforts will soon come to fruition. Both clubs are believed to be reaching a deal on Alexis's transfer earlier this week.

Arsenal will inevitably have to release Alexis this January. Because the contract will run out late Alexis this season. If maintained until the end of the season, Alexis will move for free.

Alexis himself did not want to renew the contract. The former Udinese player was disappointed with Arsenal's declining performance.

Arsenal itself is said to want 40 million pounds as compensation for the departure of Alexis this January 2018.

This season Alexis is still a pedestal of Arsenal on the front lines. He made eight goals from 21 appearances in various competitions.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Legends - FC Barcelona

Stadium Gimnasio Sole, 29 November 1899. Eleven men of various nationalities attend a meeting. They intend to answer ad Joan Gamper previous month who want to establish a football club in Barcelona. Effect of some figures from England to make the club chose the name of Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. Red and blue color supposedly inspired Gamper was chosen because of similar colors are used Swiss club, FC Basel. Clubs that too then incarnated as one of the leading clubs in Spain.
Jaeleesa Skye
Under the control Gamper as president, Barcelona developed. The first title in 1902 embraced the Copa Macaya. However, after winning the Campeonato de Cataluña of 1905, Barcelona difficulty degree. Until 1925, Gamper became club president in five different periods. One of the achievements are not forgotten during the Gamper leadership is the ability Barça has its own stadium. In 1922, Barcelona occupies Las Cortes, with a capacity of 22 thousand spectators. Later, it evolved again into the stadium with a capacity of 60 thousand spectators. The stadium is currently used, the Nou Camp, came into use in 1957 and is the largest in Europe because it could accommodate 98,772 spectators.

Period of at least Barça triumph achievements recorded clearly in the 1950s and early 1990s. The first period includes the regime of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship that forced the club changed its name to CF Barcelona. Together with coach Fernando Daucik and Ladislao Kubala, Barcelona successfully won five different titles. Since 1955, Barcelona holds an impressive record for being the only club that always appear in the European club championships. In the early 1990s, an era marked by the dominance Barça coach Johan Cruyff, former player and also the founder of the talent development of young players this Catalan club. Cruyff successfully brought Barça won the Champions League first conquered in 1992 by Sampdoria, 1-0. Thanks to that victory, Barcelona became one team has ever won three European club competition, having previously won the Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup.

2008/09 season, when the written history continues protege Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Barcelona's success brought scooped three titles at once ...

Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded in 1927

Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded in 1927 by Italo Foschi. This club is the result of a merger of three clubs who have stood before Rome, namely Roman, Alba-Audace and Fortitudo.

Merger of three clubs are an initiative of the famous Italian fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. The goal is to form a strong club from the capital that could end the domination of the northern Italian clubs at that time.

In his first year as a professional club, AS Roma made ​​Motovelodromo Appio as their home stadium before moving on Campo Testaccio that was opened in November 1929.

AS Roma is also synonymous with the color maroon and golden yellow, representing the traditional colors of the city itself. The color itself is taken from one of three clubs merged, namely Roman Football Club.

Foot-Ball Club Juventus

First founded by disciples of Massimo D'Azeglio Lyceum school in Turin in 1897, has a name beginning Juventus Sport Club Juventus. Just two years later changed its name to Foot-Ball Club Juventus.

But in 1906, the club has experienced divisions. Some of the staff decided to leave Juventus which was followed by president Alfredo Dick who later founded a new club nicknamed FBC Torino.

Referring to the history, Juventus is Italy's most successful club. A total of 40 trophies collected and Juventus is one of the best clubs in the world, amassing 11 international trophies, which is a record nine UEFA competition titles and two world titles, which makes them as the team won the third most frequently in Europe and sixth in the world for international competition Club.

Juventus also holds the record for most in the Serie A champions Italy as the most winning team with 27 championship titles and holds the record for consecutive, ie from 1930/31 to 1934/35 seasons. Juventus also won the Coppa Italia as much as nine times and to this day still holds the record for overall victory.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Ajax win the Champions League Europe by 1995

Since its founding in 1900, Ajax entered a golden period in the period of the 1970s. While still handled Rinus Michels and strengthened his Twelve Apostles, Ajax dominated Europe by winning the Champions League three consecutive years in the range 1971-1973.
Cali Kohlman
Ajax became known to the system coaching young players continued delivery of reliable and talented players from within and outside the Netherlands. As if endless, Ajax continued to export its best players, ranging from Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Kluivert up.

After the players returned surprisingly young Ajax win the Champions League Europe by 1995, the golden era faded Ajax again. It takes time to again rule the Blue Continent. But, as a first step, must embrace Ajax Eredivisie title that had not yet obtained since the 2003/04 season ago.

ACF Fiorentina was founded by Luigi Ridolfi

ACF Fiorentina was founded by Luigi Ridolfi, who is a respected member of the National Fascist Party, in the fall of 1926. Fiorentina is a combination of the two clubs who first stood up, namely CS Firenze and PG Libertas. The purpose of this merger is to rival the dominance of teams from Northwest Italy.

Fiorentina also known as a club with a purple costume. However, when first standing, Fiorentina even wearing a red and white colors.

As a fairly young team, Fiorentina have not much to collect the title. Even the collection of titles they can be counted on the fingers. Their achievements jiga up and down, even had tasted Serie B, before becoming a Scudetto in 1955/56 and 1968/69 seasons. So far, only two titles that were collected Fiorentina in Serie A.

While in the Coppa Italia, Fiorentina collected six titles, which is in season 1939/40, 1960/61, 1965/66, 1974/75, 1995/96 and 2000/01. In the Italian Super Cup, Fiorentina managed to steal a moment, in 1996.

In European competition, Fiorentina could only win the Cup Winners' Cup in 1960/61 season. The team of public pride of Florence was also a finalist only once won the Champions League and UEFA Cup, where it all ended in defeat.

In August 2002, the club was given a new name Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola, or established as a company ACF Fiorentina SpA. The owner is Diego Della Valle, an entrepreneur leather shoes. Since then, the club Fiorentina trying to become more professional with better financial management. However, La Viola have not been able to achieve the expected accomplishments Della Valle.


In the group stage 1990 World Cup Italy, the only impressive results are made Cameroon. Led by Roger Milla, Cameroon beat defending champions Argentina 1-0 in their opener despite losing 2-1 and Romania 0-4 of the Soviet Union. In the second half, Milla scored two goals to get rid of Colombia 2-1. Cameroon halted a new step in the quarterfinals (2-3) by the British.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bayern Munich Before the era of the Bundesliga

Bayern Munich is a club sport previously named MTV 1879. When the club was banned members of the football players to join the German football federation (DFB), 11 members took the status of the MTV 1879 and formed FC Bayern Munich.
Jaeleesa Skye
The name itself literally in fact show the origin of their territory if translated into English to be Bavaria Munich. In Germany, Bayern Munich name used, but the international public are accustomed to call with Bayern Munich.

Before the era of the Bundesliga, Bayern fairly tough team in regional competitions southern Germany. Before World War I broke out, Bayern won Kreisliga 1910-11 season, the league's first regional Bavaria. At this age, Nuremberg FC Bayern's toughest rival. Between the 1920s and 1930s, the Nuremberg more success by reaching the title five times in the decade of the 20s. Meeting both called Bavarian derby.

When the Bundesliga was formed in 1963, only five teams from the Oberliga - division one league southern Germany at the time - are allowed to compete. Bayern qualify for perch in the top three final standings Oberliga. But because the DFB requires only one city can be represented by one team, Bayern had to yield to local rivals TSV 1860 Munich, Oberliga champions at that time.

Bayern two seasons later promotion to the Bundesliga and the start of their success history through young players, namely the "axis" Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller.

Now, like most other clubs in Europe, Bayern also has other sports, like basketball, bowling, chess, gymnastics, handball, table tennis, referee, to senior football.

Hotspur Football Club the precursor to Tottenham Hotspur

Hotspur Football Club, the precursor to Tottenham Hotspur, was founded by a group of students to All Hallows Church in 1882. The name allegedly given by name Hotspur Sir Henry Percy, who was also called Harry Hotspur in the works of William Shakespeare, Henry IV's first section. Sir Henry has a land area of ​​the establishment of clubs, thereby affecting the selection of the name of the club by students from the grammar school. In 1884, the club was renamed Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Atheltic Club in order to prevent similar names with other clubs, London Hotspur. The club turned professional in 1895 so the status and then follow the Southern League.

Tottenham encouraging achievement never before for the first time won the Division One season 1950/51. The Spurs players at that time, among others, Alf Ramsey, Ronnie Burgess, Ted Ditchburn, Duquemin Lee, Sonny Walters and Bill Nicholson. Style "push and run" is introduced to make Tottenham manager Arthur Rowe respected opponents and make the team taken into account during the decade. But, new Spurs second league title won just ten seasons later. One factor supporting success, reportedly due to White Hart Lane ground conditions are poor, even for a moment.

In 1958, Bill Nicholson as manager and start one of the golden period of the club. During 16 years in the team bench techniques, Nicholson won eight major titles. When Nicholson retired, the Spurs lost the nail in the Premier League. Spurs relegated in 1976/77 season after 27 years of competing in the top tier. Bad facts is followed by the sale of goalkeeper Pat Jennings to pledge their eternal rivals, Arsenal, which of course strongly opposed the fans. In the 1980s until the 2000s, the power of the Spurs still be calculated in the arena league. But, they are only limited to a surprise club that has not really able to dominate the competition as a team with a winning mentality.

Arsenal was founded in 1886

Degree Arsenal flow practically ceased since the 2004/05 season. In the arena league, Arsenal have not even managed to win the title again since the last one to do it five times last season. This might be evidence that the policies put forward the use of young players Arsene Wenger lately has not produced results. But, it should be seen also financial factors that complicate the Arsenal players in the transfer process, especially this summer.

Arsenal was founded in 1886 and Arsenal in the past decade developed rapidly into a club whose power counts. It all began when Wenger in charge at Highbury. Wenger managed to change the face of traditional club into a modern club capable of winning the title. Three Premier League titles and four FA Cup trophies Wenger capable dedicated the past 13 years since he entered.

In 2006, the modernization of Arsenal increasingly manifest when the club moved the headquarters of the old stadium from Highbury to the Emirates stadium at Ashburton Grove area. Arsenal also became one of the richest clubs in the UK with a market value exceeding € 277 million. Arsenal women's football team also known as the most successful club in the United Kingdom.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First up AC Milan is not a football club

Associazione Calcio Milan is a soccer club based in Milan, Lombardy. First formed precisely on December 16, 1899.

First up, AC Milan is not a football club, but a cricket club. Are British expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin who took the initiative to establish this club. Because the two men's club name 'Milan' will be retained until now, the discourse had to change the name as the Milano, which is adapted to dialeg Italy.

In 1908, the club experienced a split. The problem is the disagreement between several parties bring in foreign players. Finally, to accommodate that desire, formed a club that bermaterikan foreign players who are now known as Internazionale Milano.

Milan is headquartered in the San Siro, officially known as the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Meazza itself is a former Milan player, as well as their city rivals, Inter. The name San Siro is taken from the location of the district where the stadium is located.

On December 19, 2005, Milan vice president Adriano Galliani announced it was seriously considering exit from the San Siro and find or create a new stadium with a football stadium standards, ie without an athletic track and so on. So far the desire has not been realized.

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Aston Villa Football Club

Aston Villa Football Club is a professional football club based in Villa Park, Birmingham, England. The club is playing in the Premier League and is one of the founders of Football League clubs (Football League) in 1888 and the Premier League in 1992. Aston Villa is one of the oldest and most successful English club.

Jaeleesa Skye
Full name: Aston Villa Football Club

Nickname: The Villans

Founded: 1874

Stadium: Villa Park, Birmingham (Capacity 42,553)

Costume: Red Blue-White (cage), Dark Blue, Dark Blue (Kit)

Chairman: Randy Lerner

Manager: Gerard Houllier

Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic

In 1878, workers of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot set up a football club called Newton Heath L & YR FC. The club almost went bankrupt in 1902 before it was saved by investing JH Davies, managing director of Manchester Breweries. In a board meeting after the purchase, club officials feel the need to change the name of the club to mark a new beginning. On 26 April 1902, was chosen the name Manchester United thanks to a proposal of a man-blooded Italian, Louis Rocca, among other choice names like Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic.

The first success in the league began in 1907/08. Previous season, Manchester United brought Billy Meredith and Sandy Turnbull from local rivals, Manchester City, due to violation of FA rules. United's successful nine-point lead over second ranked team, Aston Villa. A year after successfully won the league crown, United's FA Cup trophy hook for the first time. Two former City players were really inspired United to dominate English football.

On the European scene, known for its successful United's famous Busby Babes generation. After losing many talented players in a plane crash in Munich on February 6, 1958, United got up ten years later. Efforts to rebuild the United Busby was not in vain. Some young players are found, including George Best, inspire United's 4-1 victory over Benfica, Eusebio is still reinforced.

In the modern era, the legend continued United Scottish man named Sir Alex Ferguson. Since entering the era of competition England Premier League, Man Utd bought crown champions 11 times from 17 opportunities. In Europe, with Ferguson adding to United's successful Champions League title in 1999 and 2008.

Manchester City FC in 1893

Founded as early St. Mark's (West Gorton) in 1880 by Anna Connell and two deacon St. Mark's, the club moved to the eastern city of Manchester and was named again became Ardwick AFC. The name has become Manchester City FC in 1893/94 after the club underwent a reorganization due to financial problems. Five years later, City won promotion to Division One. The club obtained a first degree in the arena of the FA Cup, after the City bending Bolton Wanderers 1-0, on April 23, 1904. Unfortunately, soon afterwards the club financially impaired condition and causing retention status of 17 players, including captain Billy Meredith, who finally decided to cross over to Manchester United.

Embraced the season's first league title 1936/37, but the City relegated next season despite scoring more goals than any team in the competition. The new achievements can be repeated more than three decades later. 1967/68 league title won on the last day of the competition by beating Newcastle United, 4-3.

Success in the 1960s and 1970s did not continue in the next decade. Throughout the 1980s, the City twice relegated from the top tier. When the Premier League began in 1992, the City including one that led to the club. However, four years later the City relegated to Division One. City was better known as the club climbed down the division and are behind the shadow of successful rivals. Mass alteration occurs late 2000's, when Thaksin Shinawatra and investment group Abu Dhabi United Group took turns to master the stock ownership of the club. Both are equally ambitious and changed the face of the club cosmopolitan City. But, still needs confirmation in the form of achievements on the field so that City really dreaded the whole team in England, or even in Europe.

The future of Uruguay

Uruguay has a good record in the football world. Already counted 39 times they were able to win the Copa America and twice won the world cup.

Winning on home turf in 1930 (World Cup 1) the incision history for the nation. Competed in 1950, Uruguay re-established its name as champion after defeating Brazil. His performance declined and only able to survive the most distant to the second round. The defeat of Argentina in a CONMEBOL final make Uruguay should follow the play-off game and became the last country to advance to South Africa.

The future of Uruguay is in the hands of the players, led by Diego Lugano. Filling the front lines, Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez will be expected to be the scorer of Uruguay. Previously, the duo has produced 12 goals in qualifying.

Oscar Washington Tabarez has prepared the appearance of both the World Cup with Uruguay. At the 1990 World Cup, he was the one who brought Uruguay into the last 16. After 20 years, it's time to prove his ability Tabarez. We have worked hard in the qualification round, especially on the game with Montivideo. At the 2010 World Cup, no warning Uruguay managed to poke through the semifinals.


Uruguay 2 times world cup winner in 1930 and 1950.

Appearance at the World Cup:
1930 Winners
1950 Winners
1954 - Fourth place
1962 - First round
1966 - Quarter-finals
1970 - Fourth place
1974 - First round
1986 - Second round
1990 - Second round
2002 - First round

2010 - Semifinal

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Verdi FC changed its name to Parma AC

The club was first established in July 1913 under the name Verdi Football Club. The name is taken from the Verdi opera composers of the leading Romantic era Parma, Giuseppe Verdi. The name was pinned to appreciate the musician.

Less than one year, exactly in December 1913, Verdi FC changed its name to Parma AC. It is unknown what the reason for this name change.

To be sure, Parma's first time playing in the league season 1919/1920. Parma ended the season in second place Emilian Championship. In the 1924/1925 season, Parma Regional promotion to the Premier League, then moved to the Division II and I. In the 1928/1929 season they won the Division I title, and became founding members Serie B. At the beginning of its action in Serie B, Parma was renamed the U.S. Parma.

Parma achievements are not glossy before entering the decade of 80's and 90's. Even in 1990, they succeeded in promotion and direct the tiger of Europe's elite by winning a European championship.

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