Sunday, December 18, 2011

Magical Match Barcelona 4 - Santos 0

BARCELONA conjured almost 80 thousand spectators were present at the Yokohama Stadium, Japan, Sunday (12/18) evening by offering attractive football. Their opponents in the final of the Club World Cup, Santos, who became an enemy staying balanced, not even move. The result, Barca successfully bend the South American representative to score a landslide victory, 4-0.

World Player of 2011, Lionel Messi showed sharpness at once brilliant game by contributing two classy goals, namely in the 16th minute and scored the cover, eight minutes from time. Two other goals come from kick Xavi Hernandez in the 12th minute and Cesc Fabregas, a minute ahead of the break.

Barcelona's domination not only reflected by a landslide victory, but also the statistical control of the ball which reached 70 percent and shot toward the goal that totaled 14, compared to seven belong to Santos. For Messi, the final is once again proving himself worthy to become the world's best players, and players ahead of the so-called superior to him, Neymar.

The name is last seen weeping, as if embracing the greatness of Messi and Barcelona. After the gift-giving, direct Neymar beg to Messi to provide costumes. In fact, before Neymar've got jerseys Carles Puyol.

This becomes most interesting moment, because it looks very enthusiastic Neymar approached "Messiah", speaks while describing body language that asks the Argentine hero jerseys numbered 10 to give it to him.

Either pity, or indeed sincere, Messi said yes Neymar desire. As a result, 19-year-old boy's face was instantly happy. To the press, Neymar admit, Barcelona and Messi is better than Santos.

"Barcelona have a lineup of players who will be fantastic, the best team in the world and indeed higher than us. Today, I learned about football and Santos is right. But we do not need to be ashamed to go back to Brazil because we are the second best team in the world , "said Neymar, in

Recognition is also hunted Barcelona players ended their conflict about who the best and most influential in the field for their respective teams. It's been proven, Messi is more sharp, experienced and have a greater magnetic than Neymar.

"Leo shows a brilliant game, he always does. This evening, Leo asserts itself as a player wise, not selfish and always want to play as a team. In general, the squad played as a team. Xavi, Iniesta and Thiago are in high level, so Sergio also. Once again, today we show the solidity of the team, "said Pep Guardiola, Barcelona coach.

In particular, Pep called victory is dedicated to three important people Blaugrana, assistant coach Tito Vilanova and two people who were injured, Ibrahim Afellay and David Villa.

Coach Santos, Muricy Ramalho admitted his team could not game the system to dissect the European Champions League champions. "Too hard to open the ball flow system that they do. We've been trying to use a lot of ways, but always failed. This time we must admit Barcelona's better," he said.

Besides receiving a trophy champions, Barcelona also received the Fair Play award as the cleanest team. Barca played twice, first against Al Sadd in the semifinals, and won 4-0 as well. They were just two yellow cards, namely Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano, who received in the final game.

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