Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tony Adams Hopes Return To Arsenal

Upon his return from Azerbaijan, after the club FC Gabala, legendary former Arsenal player Tony Adams hopes to return to be part of the Gunners. Adams, who plays as a defender put the dream may come in the Arsenal coaching staff.

Yes, the player who played for Arsenal until two decades it has been claimed to love her new profession as a coach. Adam began to plunge into the world of coaching in 2003 ago where he began his career as an architect of the British Division One team, Wycombe Wanderers, Portsmouth and continued past Azerbaijan Premier League club, FC Gabala.

"Coaching is what I like. But to return to England? There is only one club where I want to go back and became the number one even if only to staff. The club is Arsenal, "Adam enthusiastically quoted Goal, Monday (12/11/2011).

According to Adam, the pride of its own when Arsene Wenger asked him directly to get involved in the Arsenal line with the capacity it has. "If Wenger and wished me to join in accordance with the capacity I have, it will be very exciting for me," Adams continued.

So how Adams projecting her own future? For him, coached the club in the Balkans Semananjung very attractive interest? "I enjoyed my time as a coach at Portsmouth when we won the FA Cup," said Adams.

"Now what is interesting is to work in Scandinavia, Belgium, or Holland. Or even in places are like Dinamo Zagreb. A well-established clubs can not do well. That's the comparison," beber player who is now aged 45 years.

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