Thursday, November 23, 2017

Argentina in World Cup South Africa 2010

No doubt if Argentina is one of the largest national team of the world. In 14 times following the world cup, they successfully four times in the final. Track record coupled with taking home two World Cup trophy for his country.

Cali Kohlman
He noted the history section the first time in 1930 with a runner up in Uruguay. They also celebrated its first celebration in 1978 by winning the World Cup on home turf. It is also repeated in the year after winning 86 of Germany. As a result of retaliation Germany, Argentina were knocked out on penalties in 1990. Open back old scores as Argentina meet Germany in action 2006. Unfortunately, they even kicked by Germany on penalties. Argentina insists qualifying for World Cup 2010 with the goal of bringing back the victory trophy in 24 years ago. However, these efforts were not enough, look at poor performances in the qualification round.

Argentina relies heavily on one player terhebatnya, Lionel Messi. Sharpness and kepaiawaiannya dribble on the front line, will become a bottleneck for the opponent. Moreover, Messi has shown his best game with Barcelona. It is expected to be transmitted on the Argentine national team. In addition, Javier Mascherano will also pave the steps Argentina in World Cup South Africa 2010.

The entry of Messi and Mascherano in the Argentine national team can not be separated from the interference of the coach, Diego Maradona. This is the first time for the Hand of God to demonstrate ability as a coach. Maradonna was recorded as a player Legend of the world. Together with Pele, he was awarded as the best player of the century by FIFA in 2001. His career skyrocketed since managed to bring Argentina to win the world cup 1986. But, Maradonna caught engaging suspended for doping in 1991 and 1994. Before retiring on October 97, he had become coach of Deportivo Mandiyú and Racing Club, and played for Boca in 1995-1997.

Argentina has twice won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986.

Appearance at the World Cup:
1930 - Runners-up
1934 - First round
1958 - First round
1962 - First round
1966 - Quarter-finals
1974 - Second group stage
1978 - Winners
1982 - Second group stage
1986 - Winners
1990 - Runners-up
1994 - Second round
1998 - Quarter-finals
2002 - First round
2006 - Quarter-finals

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