Friday, December 9, 2011

Euro 2012 Competition Review

When you see a map of the power in the 2012 event will be held in June next year, no one would when assessing the big teams like Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France is still the strongest candidates to win the tournament four years the Blue Continent.

Although, we certainly do not rule out the potential emergence of a surprise dark horse nations to be the best at Euro 2012, let alone this event has a history of countries appealing about the dark horse into a champion as did Denmark in Euro 1992 and Greece who won Euro trophy in 2004.

Euro 2012 drawing conducted last Saturday stunned enough to make lovers of football, especially when the incorpora-seeded teams in one group, such as those in group B, German and Dutch whose seeded teams had to be met in the group phase, but it is Portugal and Denmark is not an easy opponent.

Group C itself is equally exciting, Italy and Spain are the defending champions in this group, plus Croatia and the Republic of Ireland are ready to give surprises. For writers, the competition in group C became a challengest after group B.

Meanwhile, the real strength in group A fairly balanced, as required by the host Poland, as well as countries such as Russia, the Republic Ceska and Greece that could be considered instead of seed. While in group D, the host Ukraine was accompanied by Britain, Sweden and France, for the author, this group is potentially surprising, as we know, Britain and France are countries that are less consistent for the latter is referred to as a great team.

It's not impossible, the two countries did not qualify for the next round if play did not fit expectations. Ukraine as the host and Sweden confirmed a dark horse ready to embarrass the British and French.

It is too early to talk about who will qualify to the next round, let alone talk to who will be the champion of Euro 2012. There are still many possibilities going ahead, especially when there is an injury to star players and should be absent in the euro later, obviously a bit much affect the team, especially if the injury is not just one player.

But it's always interesting to talk predictions, including those from far-away days, was considered the team who competed in the Euro will come with a full squad, then according to the authors, this is the teams that will qualify from group stage.

Poland and Russia will represent the group A and Germany and the Netherlands will qualify from group B. Whereas in group C, Spain and Italy advanced to the next round, then to group D, the writer a little confused, but trying to keep putting the UK and France as the candidate who qualified for the Euro 2012 quarter-finals.

Prediction remains is predictive, and can always be debated, the reader would have its own predictions and hero respectively in the event the Euro later. Most importantly, the event will Euro could give an interesting and exciting dish for lovers of football.

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