Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sir Alex Ferguson Up!

What makes Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United in such a successful coach? Nothing but the harsh temper and sharp words to the players.

That's the thing most remembered by David Beckham, Ferguson and former foster children had successfully put MU won three trophies in 1999. Beckham admitted that Ferguson is like that attitude that makes him reluctant players.

In 2003, Beckham has been a victim of Ferguson anger. After losing to Arsenal in February, Beckham became the target of anger Ferguson. Ferguson furious losses made up the incident came "flying shoe" in the locker room. The shoes on the left temple Beckham until he was injured. The incident was later cited as the beginning of their relationship to rift Beckham moved to Real Madrid.

"He wanted to kill me then, I'm sure of it. However, he was a father figure to me and he was also someone who gave me the chance to play for the club of my dreams," said Beckham as he asserted that he forgot about the incident eight years ago it was.

36-year-old midfielder was deeply admired figure Ferguson. From the beginning until now. He precisely assess the temperamental nature of Ferguson's what makes the Scot was able to maintain his performance with "Red Devils". According to him, all the United players fear "sprayed" by Ferguson that the players were trying to look as closely as possible.

"Fear got a scolding (from Ferguson) is the reason why we played so well. Not enough just to be a great player when you want to play with him. He chose you because he believed it to you as a player and as you've got character," said the player who took part Manchester United won the treble winner lead in 1999's.

"That's what he was and how she is now. That he was for many years and that's why he's so successful," he added.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jose Mourinho - Josep "Pep" Guardiola

Jose Mourinho has 11 times dealing with Josep "Pep" Guardiola since the former Spanish international midfielder's deal with Barcelona. Four has done first meeting with Inter Milan in the Champions League 2009/10. At that time, he lost twice, won once, and once the series. But, Mou superior performance because it managed to get rid of "Los Azulgrana" in the semifinals.

Seven other duel contra Guardiola took place after Real Madrid coach Mourinho. This time, the Portuguese coach must recognize the benefits of his opponent. He is just one win in the King's Cup final while the remaining six ends with three defeats and three draws. The result left "Los Blancos" failed to win La Liga, Champions League and Spanish Super Cup.

Now, Mourinho will return to meet Guardiola in "El Clasico" at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday (10/12). Unlike the previous duel with 11, now "The Special One" is the favorite. Understandably, Madrid winning three-point lead over Barca at the top of the standings and won 14 games last.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Several Core terms in Football

corner kick
Corner kick is done the same team of attackers in the left or the right-field corner last opponent. Corner kick is given because the defenders issued a ball (out) through a line parallel to the goal.

goal kick
As the name implies, goal kick done at the goalkeeper. The cause of this kick is when the ball out past the line parallel to the goal. Only, this time the issue was the team attacker, not a team to survive.

yellow card
The yellow card is one of the two cards are used in football. These cards will be issued by the referee when there are players who are considered small or minor violation. For example attract other players clothes. The nature of this card is actually a warning only. If a player has received two yellow cards in a match, he will incur a red card sent off.

red card
If a player is hit by a red card, this means the player has to commit gross and are required to immediately leave the field. Weighed again, his team was not allowed to replace players that the team was forced to alias one less person. Hence, this card really be avoided!

The term of this one closely related as the ability to "act" football players. Because diving means the offense that made ​​the player, when he pretended to be injured by falling or contact with other players. The penalty can be a free kick, penalty or yellow card.

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