Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Villa takes a recovery period

Barcelona striker David Villa underwent successful surgery on a broken leg on Monday (12/19) evening local time and the doctors hope that the Spanish international's 30-year-old could get off at Euro 2012.

Villa suffered an injury sustained when it comes down to match the World Cup semi-final against Al Sadd Club last week, with early reports indicate that he likely will miss the remaining season to undergo post-operative recovery period at his feet.

"The medical team is very pleased with the operations performed by Villa. I hope Villa can be lowered at Euro 2012," said the doctor Ramon Cugat who believe that Villa will be fit in time to be ready down at Euro 2012, was quoted as saying "the U.S.".

In addition doctors were optimistic that the Villa possibility could be lowered in the final round of the Champions League if Barcelona is now
has a target to retain the title this season's Champions League 2010-2011 survived until the final round.

"He will recover quickly," he said. "I think he would undergo a recovery period for four or five months, but we must wait to see the extent to which developments in injury recovery. This could be wrong if I give a date," he added.

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