Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Premier League Live On

Despite an injury plagued players, Manchester United continue to put pressure on Manchester City at the top. With a winning mentality owned, the Red Devils a ghost that will continue to haunt The Citizens.

There are two points which is now the distance between the City and Manchester United at the top two positions. Roberto Mancini's protege before have the benefits of five numbers, but the defeat to Chelsea last week to make the difference between the two teams are now very tight.

The success of Manchester United to continue to stick in second place standings called David Silva a great achievement. Pasanya Sir Alex Ferguson is currently plagued quite a lot of injured players.

"We realize that Manchester United will continue to put pressure on us throughout the competition, but we must focus on ourselves. You might say they were disappointed, but they were right behind us and you can not override it," cried David Silva in TheSun.

After blamed by City 1-6 at Old Trafford, Manchester United proved able to rise to continue collecting point by point. Of the last seven games, six of which ended with the victory, while the other one ending in a draw.

"We know that they will be behind us so we have to make sure we do not slip and try to win every game. We must continue to play at the same level that we have pointed out. To keep the distance we have to keep winning," concluded international midfielder Spain's.

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