Monday, January 1, 2018

Verdi FC changed its name to Parma AC

The club was first established in July 1913 under the name Verdi Football Club. The name is taken from the Verdi opera composers of the leading Romantic era Parma, Giuseppe Verdi. The name was pinned to appreciate the musician.

Less than one year, exactly in December 1913, Verdi FC changed its name to Parma AC. It is unknown what the reason for this name change.

To be sure, Parma's first time playing in the league season 1919/1920. Parma ended the season in second place Emilian Championship. In the 1924/1925 season, Parma Regional promotion to the Premier League, then moved to the Division II and I. In the 1928/1929 season they won the Division I title, and became founding members Serie B. At the beginning of its action in Serie B, Parma was renamed the U.S. Parma.

Parma achievements are not glossy before entering the decade of 80's and 90's. Even in 1990, they succeeded in promotion and direct the tiger of Europe's elite by winning a European championship.

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