Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Classic Liverpool FC Days

One of the most successful clubs in Great Britain. Founded in 1892 due to the feud between the Committee of Everton FC by John Holding as Club President who is also the owner of Anfield stadium. As a result of that feud, Everton finally moved to Goodison Park stadium and John Holding made the stadium as the home of Liverpool FC Anfield until now. The club was given the name of Everton FC and Athletic Grounds, Ltd.., Or Everton Athletic summarized, but the FA refused to admit there are two teams named Everton. Finally in June 1892 John Houlding was eventually chose the name Liverpool FC. Liverpool incarnates serious force in English football competition.
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In his first season, Liverpool won the Lancashire League before joining the Second Division League in season 1893/94. In his first season in Division II Premier League, Liverpool FC champion and instantly become eligible for promotion to the Premier League First Division (now Premier League). It did not take long for Liverpool to taste the title in the league, because in his first season in Division I this (season 1900/01), Liverpool won the Division One and repeat it again five years later. Successful Liverpool FC won the league two consecutive seasons of 1921/22 and 1922/23 seasons, but did not get the trophy again until the 1946/47 season when it won the league title to 5. FA Cup Final first performed in 1914, although eventually they defeated Burnley 1-0. After wading Division I for more than 50 years, finally Liverpool FC deterioration and relegated to the Second Division in season 1953/54.

Liverpool had struggled before finally coming Bill Shankly as manager in December 1959. Shankly overhaul the team on a large scale by releasing 24 players long and use a room at Anfield stadium to hold a coaching meeting. This room is on call 'The Boot Room' which successfully gave birth to legendary Liverpool managers in the future. In this room that Bill Shankly and members 'Boot Room' such as Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Reuben Bennett began to build the strength of Liverpool FC are the envy of the enemy team. The result of renovations carried out by Bill Shankly coming to fruition when the successful promotion to Division I in the 1961/62 season and became the champions league in 1963/64 season. After winning the first FA Cup in 1965 and won the League in the 1965/66 season, Bill Shankly managed to dedicate League title and UEFA Cup in 1972/73 season. Bill Shankly managed next season offered FA Cup title after slaying Newcastle United 3-0. No one thought that the title of the FA Cup was the last offering of a Bill Shankly. Because all of a sudden Bill Shankly decided to retire. Players and Liverpool (the nickname for fans of Liverpool FC) trying to persuade, even the workers in Liverpool threatened to strike. But Bill Shankly remain in position and handed the managerial baton to his assistant Bob Paisley is. Bill Shankly finally retired in 1974 and joined the Liverpudlian in the stands of The Kop.

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