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Legends - FC Barcelona

Stadium Gimnasio Sole, 29 November 1899. Eleven men of various nationalities attend a meeting. They intend to answer ad Joan Gamper previous month who want to establish a football club in Barcelona. Effect of some figures from England to make the club chose the name of Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. Red and blue color supposedly inspired Gamper was chosen because of similar colors are used Swiss club, FC Basel. Clubs that too then incarnated as one of the leading clubs in Spain.
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Under the control Gamper as president, Barcelona developed. The first title in 1902 embraced the Copa Macaya. However, after winning the Campeonato de Cataluña of 1905, Barcelona difficulty degree. Until 1925, Gamper became club president in five different periods. One of the achievements are not forgotten during the Gamper leadership is the ability Barça has its own stadium. In 1922, Barcelona occupies Las Cortes, with a capacity of 22 thousand spectators. Later, it evolved again into the stadium with a capacity of 60 thousand spectators. The stadium is currently used, the Nou Camp, came into use in 1957 and is the largest in Europe because it could accommodate 98,772 spectators.

Period of at least Barça triumph achievements recorded clearly in the 1950s and early 1990s. The first period includes the regime of General Francisco Franco's dictatorship that forced the club changed its name to CF Barcelona. Together with coach Fernando Daucik and Ladislao Kubala, Barcelona successfully won five different titles. Since 1955, Barcelona holds an impressive record for being the only club that always appear in the European club championships. In the early 1990s, an era marked by the dominance Barça coach Johan Cruyff, former player and also the founder of the talent development of young players this Catalan club. Cruyff successfully brought Barça won the Champions League first conquered in 1992 by Sampdoria, 1-0. Thanks to that victory, Barcelona became one team has ever won three European club competition, having previously won the Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup.

2008/09 season, when the written history continues protege Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Barcelona's success brought scooped three titles at once ...

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