Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Manchester City FC in 1893

Founded as early St. Mark's (West Gorton) in 1880 by Anna Connell and two deacon St. Mark's, the club moved to the eastern city of Manchester and was named again became Ardwick AFC. The name has become Manchester City FC in 1893/94 after the club underwent a reorganization due to financial problems. Five years later, City won promotion to Division One. The club obtained a first degree in the arena of the FA Cup, after the City bending Bolton Wanderers 1-0, on April 23, 1904. Unfortunately, soon afterwards the club financially impaired condition and causing retention status of 17 players, including captain Billy Meredith, who finally decided to cross over to Manchester United.

Embraced the season's first league title 1936/37, but the City relegated next season despite scoring more goals than any team in the competition. The new achievements can be repeated more than three decades later. 1967/68 league title won on the last day of the competition by beating Newcastle United, 4-3.

Success in the 1960s and 1970s did not continue in the next decade. Throughout the 1980s, the City twice relegated from the top tier. When the Premier League began in 1992, the City including one that led to the club. However, four years later the City relegated to Division One. City was better known as the club climbed down the division and are behind the shadow of successful rivals. Mass alteration occurs late 2000's, when Thaksin Shinawatra and investment group Abu Dhabi United Group took turns to master the stock ownership of the club. Both are equally ambitious and changed the face of the club cosmopolitan City. But, still needs confirmation in the form of achievements on the field so that City really dreaded the whole team in England, or even in Europe.

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