Saturday, November 12, 2011

Manchester United's Current Victory

What's wrong with Manchester United, in some of his last fight this? Well, the question arises, when some of the last match which was followed by Premier League champions this past season, could only gain the victory with a pretty thin. Unlike during the early season progresses, they appear quite convincing, and can achieve quite a lot of goals in one game.

Like the last match against Sunderland in the Premier League on Saturday (5 / 11), the team Sir Alex Ferguson could only win by one goal, it was an own goal by Wes Brown, who is a former United player.

Counted, in the last five weeks in the Premier League, United had created 6 goals, and have conceded 8 goals. Rivals Manchester City, which became a town, is the most widely raced her ball to goalkeeper De Gea. While in the arena of the Champions League, United had created two wins and two draws.

There are two possible causes of decline in Performance United lately. First, they are a little defense system began fragile, even that was not rebuffed by her coach Sir Alex Ferguson said after accepting defeat is final 6-1 win over City. As significantly, as Fergie ruled out defender Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, which was considered as the cause of the defeat.

"The fact that there are so many goals that lodged against us lately, we should be able to subtract, that if we want to win the league. It is no coincidence, if we do not have a problem here," said Fergie.

However, Fergie finally able to breathe with relief as United captain, Nemanja Vidic, rebounded from his injury, and played quite nicely against Everton. As a result, goalkeeper De Gea had not conceded a safety. In fact, Fergie considers that Vidic, is the key to the defense of the Red Devils.

"All the balls that come into the box (penalty), can he (Vidic) Prevent, and that is his specialty. He is the key to our defense, "he said.

Although, young players like Smalling, and Phil Jones, a pretty good job of keeping United's defense, however, their experience has not been sufficient, so many loopholes that can be exploited by opponents.

What about Ferdinand and Patrice Evra?, Senior players, the latter did appear a bit disappointing, with often missed the ball by his opponents. Although, the experience of both players can not be doubted.

The goalkeeper De Gea, could not escape from the frequent United conceded a goal. The Spanish goalkeeper is indeed, been much criticized since he was brought to Old Trafford. De Gea little weak in the balls down, and still took a long time, for him to adapt to English football.

While the second, so that United's front line is still quite blunt, in providing resistance and create goals. United too rested, to Wayne Rooney, and Javier Hernandez., And became a separate requirement for United. Meanwhile, Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov, more often dibangku reserve by Fergie, and only when United played in dealing with small teams.

Perhaps, United need to buy new players, and players are in gossiping about lately, namely Sneidjer from Inter Milan, can be a choice in creating the front line is good for United. Weak supply of ball from midfield too, is a factor of at least a goal that is created.

Hopefully, Manchester United can take the momentum of 25 year Sir Alex Ferguson, as a re-emergence in the Premier League and it's not impossible, if they can reclaim the Premier League title this year, and won the Champions League title.

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