Friday, November 18, 2011

Juan Roman Riquelme Compared Argentina With Spain

Less good results which were inscribed the Spanish national team and Argentine made Juan Roman Riquelme to go to vote. According to Riquelme, Messi took the Spanish national team, while the Argentina national team need a style of play like Barcelona.

Both teams are incised less satisfactory results recently. Spain had lost 0-1 from the UK and held to a draw by Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Argentina was offset by Bolivia 0-0 and won effortlessly from Colombia with a thin score 2-1.

As a result, Riquelme feel the situation both two countries can not be separated from Lionel Messi factor. Messi, who plays in Barcelona indeed look slick with landing pattern tactic by Pep Guardiola, supported by such great midfielder like Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Cesc Fabregas, the pillars of the Spanish national team.

"On another day, it was obvious Spain lost Messi's presence. Spain does not have Messi and Argentina do not play like Barcelona," said Riquelme.

"We have the best player in the world, but we have to find a scheme for her game, if not, then we will not win anything," he said.

Juan Roman Riquelme would not talk nonsense with such opinion. Clearly visible by naked eye indeed, Messi, who won various titles with Barcelona until now have not been able to play well to lift the performance of Team Tango, Argentina.

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