Saturday, November 12, 2011

Arsene Wenger's Mind

We don't know what Arsene Wenger think about tactic and strategy coaching, even he always loyal think football further than other coach, footballer, football manager and other football people. He always pay attention to a usual factor, he made it high, difference mind ways. Because of his different, he could make Arsenal still strong, going on the nice track. Recruit and teaching, base to his different mind.

He's a electrical engineer for sure, ever learn about electricity, so the mind ways which applicated to football was difficulty understood. But if we compare to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, Wenger actually different, Sir Alex is a pure football applicator, football theory is a must based for Sir Alex. Wenger, in the other hand, think more wide, he add other philosophy.

In 2000's, the both coach above are give a sensation for modern football world, they have millions fans.

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