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This club was established on January 9, 1900, based in Rome. Originally founded as an athletic club, sexy football was formed in 1902. The name Lazio was taken from the Latin Latium, which means broad or wide, but in fact, Lazio is the name of a region located in Rome.

The sky blue color and white costumes inspired by the color of the flag of Greece that gave birth to Olympic tradition, the eagle symbol is given as an offering by its founder to the symbol of the Roman Empire at that time. Lazio is the biggest club in the city of Rome choice.

Lazio has twice won the Serie A, namely in 1973/74 and 1999/00 seasons, won the Italian Cup four times (1958, 1997/98, 1999/00, 2003/04), and each won the European Super Cup once (1999) and the Cup Winners Cup (1998/99).


Full name: Societa Sportiva Lazio SpA
Epithet: Biancocelesti (white and sky blue), Aquilotti (young eagle), Le Aquile (eagle)

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