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1982 FIFA World Cup Goal Review

1982 FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup which is the 12th, held in Spain starting from June 13 until July 11. Spain was chosen as hosts by FIFA FIFA in July 1966. Italy won the World Cup, who beat West Germany by a score of 3-1 in the final. With her ​​third title (after 1934, 1938), Italy offset Brazil as the most successful national team in FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup was marked by the series - the series interesting and exciting games, both after the 1970 FIFA World Cup, which is legendary. This is also the first time increasing the number of teams to 24 teams, after the previous 16 teams in the tournament - the previous tournament.
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The most striking absence from the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup 1974 and 1978 are the runners-up Holland (invalidated by Belgium and France, a strong team of North America Mexico (aborted El Salvador), and to a level more or less teams, World Cup participants FIFA 1974 and 1978, Sweden (aborted by the Scotland and Northern Ireland). England, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, and the Soviet Union has returned to the finals after missing for 3 tournaments or 12 years. Yugoslavia is also back after missing the tournament in 1978. Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand, all of them have participated in the finals for the first time.

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