Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Chelsea success achieved through a long road

Chelsea success achieved through a long road. Since its founding in 1905 in a pub called "The Rising Sun", the Blues just enjoying success as a club in the mid-1950s. Unmitigated, digaet first degree is a very prestigious league title. At that time, Chelsea manager Ted Drake handled.

Later, Chelsea have ups and downs. Revamping plan Stamford Bridge club actually makes financial condition threatened. Hooligan behavior actually exacerbates the atmosphere. In 1982, Chelsea was saved Ken Bates who bought the ownership of the club for £ 1 only.

The next successful period emerged. Not completely, but the era of ownership Bates opened the door for the period of Roman Abramovich to date. Under the handling Bates, Chelsea changed the face of the traditional club into a cosmopolitan club.

Chelsea did not hesitate to disburse funds to bring in a series of famous players. Glenn Hoddle, Dennis Wise, Ruud Gullit, Gianluca Vialli, or Roberto at Matteo, is a series of names that started the era of cosmopolitan Chelsea. Once purchased Abramovich, Chelsea's face was no longer the same. It may even very far from the shadow of its founders at The Rising Sun is more than a century ago.

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