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Bayern Munich Before the era of the Bundesliga

Bayern Munich is a club sport previously named MTV 1879. When the club was banned members of the football players to join the German football federation (DFB), 11 members took the status of the MTV 1879 and formed FC Bayern Munich.
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The name itself literally in fact show the origin of their territory if translated into English to be Bavaria Munich. In Germany, Bayern Munich name used, but the international public are accustomed to call with Bayern Munich.

Before the era of the Bundesliga, Bayern fairly tough team in regional competitions southern Germany. Before World War I broke out, Bayern won Kreisliga 1910-11 season, the league's first regional Bavaria. At this age, Nuremberg FC Bayern's toughest rival. Between the 1920s and 1930s, the Nuremberg more success by reaching the title five times in the decade of the 20s. Meeting both called Bavarian derby.

When the Bundesliga was formed in 1963, only five teams from the Oberliga - division one league southern Germany at the time - are allowed to compete. Bayern qualify for perch in the top three final standings Oberliga. But because the DFB requires only one city can be represented by one team, Bayern had to yield to local rivals TSV 1860 Munich, Oberliga champions at that time.

Bayern two seasons later promotion to the Bundesliga and the start of their success history through young players, namely the "axis" Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller.

Now, like most other clubs in Europe, Bayern also has other sports, like basketball, bowling, chess, gymnastics, handball, table tennis, referee, to senior football.

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