Monday, April 1, 2019

Barcelona FC Was Too Tough

Barcelona coach, Josep 'Pep' Guardiola, belittles the role of tactics is a major factor behind the phenomenal success with the European champions. He instead claimed that the approach 'with the common things that sederhana'lah that a major factor of success Barca.

Barcelona has just successfully beat Real Madrid by a score of 3-1 on a weekend away party. The victory made them jump over Real and occupied the position standings Spanish League, while making their eternal rivals failed to achieve significant points advantage in the standings.

They are now changing the focus from the domestic competition into the world arena. Barcelona will face Asian champions Al Sadd Club in the World Cup semifinals on Thursday (12/15), and they are favorites to advance to the finals.

Guardiola, who coached the Catalan giants this since 2008, said that there is no great secret behind his success.

"Really, there are no special things about the (success). First of all, I tried to be faithful to the history of Barcelona, ​​which is a big club in all aspects," he said.

"And then it's just a question of making a good purchase and integrate them with local players, handle them the right way, and not afraid to give opportunities to young players when the time is right."

He added in an interview with, "We just try to wear things that are common. You want to know why we can maintain good results? That's the answer: common things."

He gave examples, such as letting the players spent the night before the game with his family, respectively, compared to staying at the hotel, as an example of his approach.

"I assess my players through the work they do, not their personal lives. I'm not a cop. I was in bed at 10 pm, and I do not need to go and check my players."

"That's why I prefer them at home, and not locked up in the hotel, by not doing anything. We're just trying to use our common sense," said Pep.

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