Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Football World Cup 2002 : Second Round Review

Germany overcame Paraguay by one goal, while the British had conquered the other European teams, Denmark. Senegal steps that make a surprise in the group stage continues in the second round. Henri Camara's golden goal beat Sweden.
Cali Kohlman
The first penalty shoot-out occurred at the Suwon World Cup Stadium between Spain and Ireland. Spain managed to beat the Irish by a score of 3-2. Meeting fellow North American team between Mexico and the United States ended with the victory of the United States two goals without reply. After obtaining the resistance is easy in the group C, Brazil went on his way to frustrate Belgium with a score of 2-0. Steps Japanese stopped the Turks at the second round by a single goal Umit Davala. But at least these results suggest that Asian football is lining up. South Korea met with great teams of Europe, Italy and won 2-1 thanks to Ahn Jung Hwan's golden goal. Ironically, these goals make Ahn was sacked Italian Serie A club, Perugia.

The meeting of two different zones of the world's great teams between England and Brazil occurred in the quarter-finals, held on June 21, 2002. Brazil won 2-1, but Ronaldhino got a red card from referee Felipe Ramos Rizo from Mexico. Having previously only won by 1 goal, Germany was again won by 1 goal for the United States. Though through long matches and penalty shoot-out, South Korea managed to frustrate the Spanish steps after a goalless draw in 120 minutes. In South Korea on penalties after a 5-3 win Joaquin missed a penalty. Senegal who won through a golden goal against Sweden, this time subdued golden goal from Turkey through Ilhan Mansiz.

In the semifinals, the Germans were able to conquer the home team South Korea via a single goal Michael Ballack. Despite the defeat, but the result has been a tremendous success for South Korea and Asia. Meanwhile, the party group C test occurred. Brazil managed to re-conquer the Turks. This time with the score 1-0 with a single goal Ronaldo. In the group C, the Turkish conquest of Brazil by a score of 2-1.

Turkey finished the tournament with three ranked after a win over South Korea in a match race for the third in front of 63,483 spectators with the final score 3-2. The game covers the tournament brought together two giants of the world that has often entered into the final round at the International Stadium Yokohama, June 30, 2002. Both Germany and Brazil have six times entered into the final round. Mandulnya German front line and coupled with captain Michael Ballack absenya make Germany unable to do much. Ronaldo, who four years ago performed poorly, this time to be a hero. The two goals gave fifth title for Brazil. Brazil won the title that makes Brazil a national team that always won the FIFA World Cup held in any continent.

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