Monday, January 16, 2012

Barcelona - Real Betis Goal Review

9:40 – GOAL – Alexis drives in, passes to Fabregas who hits the post, then Xavi pots in the rebound. Barcelona 1 – 0 Betis.

11:48 – GOAL – Messi scores on assists from Iniesta and Alexis, who plays a key role in setting up another goal. Alexis so far looking like the star of this game. Barcelona 2 – 0 Betis.

31:00 – GOAL – Ruben Castro scores on a beautiful chance at the Barcelona goal. Vadldes comes too far out of his goal and Castro scores on a pass from Molina. Barcelona 2 – 1 Betis, scoring the first goal against Barcelona at home this season.

51:38 – GOAL – Betis’s Roque scores on a beautiful chance, Ruben Castro all alone at the left flank has all the room in the world to set it up and it’s Barcelona 2 – 2 Betis.

74:50 – GOAL – Alexis finally gets it in and Camp Nou goes insane. He marks the four points on the cross on his head and chest after taking a pop-pass from Xavi and fires it just under the goalkeeper and maybe saves this game for La Blaugrana. Barcelona 3 – 2 Betis.

85:32 – GOAL – Messi scores on his free kick. Bad gamble by Dorado earlier. Barcelona 4 – 2 Betis, and in a moment one forgets the good fight that the lesser team put up here. - The Portuguese defender has been ruled out of the squad for this Sunday's game against Real Sociedad. His place will be occupied by Aleix Vidal.

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