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Zinedine Zidane autobiography

Zinedine Zidane, or Zizou was born in Marseille and raised in La Castellane. Although born in Marseille, Zidane has never played for Olympique de Marseille. Zidane's career began at age 14 years, son of Algerian immigrants is seen by a talent scout and was offered a spot on the U.S. Academy of Cannes. During the French league, Zidane played for AS Cannes and Bordeaux, before it was bought by Juventus for £ 3 million.
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In 2001 Zidane transferred from Italian club, Juventus FC to Real Madrid with a contract for 4 years. Transfer fee of € 66 million, making it be a football player with the most expensive transfer in the world. He scored a 2-1 victory against the German club, Bayer Leverkusen in the 2001-2002 Champions League Final at Hampden Park in Glasgow. The next year at the 2002 World Cup he only appeared once as injury-hit French defense. In the tournament, the French did not managed to score one golpun and slumped in the bottom group in the first half, so failed to qualify for next round.

In 2004 after Euro 2004 is over, Zidane retired from international football, but when the French had difficulty escaped to the 2006 World Cup, Zidane announced on August 2005 that he would return to play in the national team. French finally escaped, but the new Zidane through an injury-filled season in Madrid, decided that he would step down after the World Cup ends.

On 25 April 2006, Zidane officially announced his decision to quit the club and national team football World Cup in France after 2006.

On May 7, 2006 Zizou play the last game as a host to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Real Madrid players wore special T-shirt marked "Zidane 2001 - 2006" written below the club logo. As might be expected, Real Madrid fans gave him a warm welcome and support Zizou throughout the game. This match against Villarreal CF and, unfortunately for Zidane, the best results obtained by Real Madrid is the series 3-3. Zidane scored the second goal for Real Madrid without a massive celebration. Zidane exchanged his T-shirt with Juan Roman Riquelme, Villarreal CF players and Argentina midfielder. At the end of the match, Real Madrid fans say goodbye to Zizou by giving it a long applause, which made him shed tears.

In two early matches of World Cup 2006, he performed poorly and even had to miss the third match due to yellow card accumulation. Zidane then showed again his best game in the later rounds, starting from the aborted match against Spain 3-1, then defeated Brazil 1-0, and then defeated Portugal 1-0. With the form of game time, many who hope that Zidane will hang with the beautiful shoes by beating Italy in the final, but his career ended when he was bitter referee Horacio Elizondo red carded in the final game due to butting Italy defender Marco Materazzi in the chest.

Although his football career ends bitterly Zidane voted best player of the 2006 World Cup version of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the reporters covering the event to get 2012 points, the Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro in second place with 1977 points and another Italian player, Andrea Pirlo in the top three with 715 points. The reason he was chosen as the best player because it managed to display a charming appearance and showed good leadership in bringing the French still limping along in the group stage to the final round. France coach Domenech and the "Emperor" Beckenbauer defended FIFA's decision to continue to provide the title though Zizou considered doing such stupid acts against Materazzi. Materazzi may be said that the words are very offensive to the world's best player three times so make it a emotion and finally complete this action.

According to a BBC report, the selection of the Best Players performed at the break after the first round. BBC correspondent Gordon Farquhar, argues that "if we asked the reporters who have made the selection after the game ended - whether they would change his voice - perhaps they will."

Inspired a song called Headbutt Zinedine Zidane from ramming head into Marco Materazzi's chest in the 2006 World Cup finals to be the most popular songs in France. In two and a half weeks earlier, there are 80,000 downloaders song on the site.

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