Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The days of GABRIEL Batistuta

GABRIEL Batistuta was like drowned after deciding to retire from football in 2005. However, that does not mean he's not thinking about football again. He was enjoying his life.

The days of Argentine players are quite relaxed. He's like paying debts busy during football career by choosing a more recreational activities.

The former Fiorentina and AS Roma player is even being happy exercising polo. In addition, he also often busy playing golf. He is also a commentator on Televisa Deportes.

Batistuta was actually already passed the coaching education in Argentina. That is, he actually was able to train. However, for now he claimed not interested in coaching.

In recent days it appears the issue that he will coach his former club, Boca Juniors. However, he immediately denied. According to him, it's only issue. He claimed not ready to become a coach.

"I have not had the desire to train Boca Juniors. In addition, not a single offer from any club. I would like to be able to train Boca Juniors. But, now is not time, "Batistuta said that when he was a player nicknamed" Batigol ".

Batistuta a long career in Italy. Besides with Fiorentina and Roma, he also had borrowed Inter Milan. Later, he played in the Middle East club, Al Arabi, from 2003 to 2005. In League Serie A, he appeared 344 times and scored 200 goals.

Reiterated Batistuta wants to enjoy life first. "For now, I am not yet ready to return to football in Argentina," he told

Yes, because he was preoccupied with sports polo and golf.

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